Thursday, November 4, 2010

Woman Goes 30 Years Without A Bath

Woman Goes 30 Years Without A Bath

SINGAPORE: She doesn't have to worry about laundry, because she never washes her clothes.

There's an old woman in the Lion City who never washes her clothes. She wears them for a whole month, then throws them away and wears a new set.

She also hasn't taken a bath for 30 years!

The woman looks normal enough, except for the foul odour emanating from her body The smell causes other residents to avoid her.

Zhang, the 67-year-old woman, not only refuses to take a bath, but also does not wash her face, brush her teeth or wash her clothes. Her actions are baffling.

On Sunday, she suddenly began camping on the ground floor of the apartment block with her wardrobe, bed and other necessities.

When interviewed, the old lady said she used to stay with her younger brother and his children in one of the units upstairs, but someone moved her things to the ground floor on Saturday. When she found out her bed had been moved outside, she didn't feel like sleeping on the bare floor of her bedroom, so she went to the ground floor of the apartment block to sleep on her bed there.

Personal Belongings Removed After Pleas Fall On Deaf Ears

From what is known, the woman is still single. She used to be an artisan, but has since been unemployed for over 20 years now.

Her nephew Mr. Zhang, 30, who works as an accountant, told reporters, "I've lived with my aunt since I was little, and have never seen her take a bath or wash her clothes. She wears her clothes for a whole month straight and throws them away, then puts on new ones.”

Mr. Zhang said his wife would give birth in two weeks' time, and he is worried an unhygienic environment would affect the baby's health. He had pleaded with his aunt, asking her to start bathing. It was only when she continued to refuse that he felt he had no other choice but to move her things out.

(Sin Chew Daily)

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