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top 10 holiday destination for 2010

Number 1 destination for 2010
Being a non Euro destination means that Turkey is cheap for all of your holiday needs , with a fine history and a multitude of beach resorts Turkey has alot on offer at very low prices and it is number 1 this year because it falls into a price category that almost anyone can afford.
Turkey is improving for tourism year in and year out and the tiny resort of Mamaris has become a must for British tourists.
Relax on the beach, try out the watersports, trail around the many ruins and old buildings then go out on the town for a fantastic night out with a wide range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
Accomodation ranges from 3-5 stars but you can book a 5 star accomodation for less than it would cost for a 3 star accomodation in most other destinations on this list.

Number 2
Menorca is full of unspoiled resorts and secluded beaches perfect for that peaceful getaway, there are markets and shops a plenty and there is also an active night life with many bars and restraunts open till the wee small hours, food lovers enjoy British, French and Spanish influenced styles of cooking which offers a very wide variety.
With beach resorts for sun worshippers, historic buildings for sightseers and a great night life Menorca is the second most booked resort in travelagecies this year.
accomodation ranges from 3-5 stars and is priced very reasonably.

Top 3 Destinations for 2010
Number 3
Another year in and year out favorite destination Tenerife is always popular with sun seekers, there are a plethora of waterparks, golf courses, and of course there are plenty of beaches to choose from , there is also a chance to do some whale and dolphin watching.
The night life in tenerife Is very lively with plenty of bars and nightclubs to choose from.
most accomodation here is rated 3-5 stars and the price is right for most of us.

Number 4
With a whole country to choose fromSpain has everything that anyone could ever want out of a holiday, take a trip to the magnificent city of Barcelona, or to any of the thousands of seaside resorts, there is always the quieter option of a break in the countryside for a whle week or 2 of complete and utter relaxation, it is a big country and the choice is yours Spain is also quite cheap compared to many european countries.
Accomodation in spain depends on what you pay for and is rated from 1-5 stars a last minute deal with your travelagent can save you a few hundred.


Number 5
Tunisia a non Euro destination is popular this year for many reasons including the low price of food and other items, of course tunisia has a long and varied history making it the perfect getaway for sight seeing, with plenty of old roman ruins merged with the old tunisian style buildings. for the beach buffs there is an array of choice in many resorts there are peaceful beaches and touristy beaches where you can try out a full range of watersports.
Tunisian hotels are rated between 3-5 stars and they are well maintained and low cost.

Number 6
One of the most popular of the Greek Islands, Corfu has a plethora of beach resorts, including Kavos for the night life young people swarm too, a picturesque island Corfu has a long and interesting history and you can explore the many old buildings and ruins until your heart is content,.
There is a lot to be said about relaxing on the beach and there are many resorts in Corfu that are very laid back and chilled out.
most hotels in Corfu have a 3-5 star rating and they are very reasonably priced.

Number 7
The Algarve
Portugals Algarve is always a popular destination and at number 7 for 2010 people are flocking to it again this year, plenty of sea sand and guaranteed sunshine, keeps this resort busy and tourists return year after year.
Golfers have a great choice of courses in the algarve and there is a multitude of bars and Nightclubs 24/7 the Algarve is alive and with a range of activities and shops there is something for everyone, Algarve hotels have an average 3-5 star rating.
Of course there is a mix of the new and the old in the algarve too with many historical places to visit.

Number 8
When you think of Egypt the Sphinx and the Pyramids are the first things that come into your head, a great destination for sight seeing and for a slow relaxing sail down the Nile.
There is alot more to Egypt though than you may think, if you want the watersports and the relaxing by the pool vacation Egypt also offers that in the resort of Sharm El Sheikh, this luxurious destination has an average hotel star rating of 4 and people love this destination so much that they return year after year

Number 9
Fuerteventura, has always been popular with the tourist especially if you are into water sports, if you prefer though you could always take a jeep safari accross the rugged Volcanic landscape, the beach is one of the safest in the world especially if you have children and most of the accomodation in the resort is an impressive 3 stars rated.

Number 10
Bulgaria was the number 1 choice for Holiday makers last year, with its many resorts along the Black sea coast, and the Balkan mountains Bulgaria is perfect for tourists who dont have too much money to spend because the prices of items and food in the country are very cheap.
Bulgarian resorts are mainly made up of 4 star accomodation and you get the luxury of an expensive holiday at a fraction of the price.

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weird buildings around the world

Honey, is Bentley ok?

ANYBODY outside of Singapore who saw photos of submerged cars, rescue workers carrying people to safety and other scenes of chaos and devastation caused by Orchard Road’s mega washout on Wednesday would be forgiven for not believing their eyes. A natural disaster sweeping through Singapore? After all, a lady interviewed on TV hit the nail on the head when she disbelievingly said that she never thought something like this could happen in a first world country.
It’s true that such scenes are more likely to be associated with developing countries but if you look closely enough, you would be able to see the tell-tale signs that such a disaster has taken place in Singapore. How can you tell? Easy. Just check out our list of the top 10 differences between a flash flood in a developing country and one in Orchard Road:

10 In Orchard Road, the only bodies you see floating in the water are the

mannequins from Massimo Dutti.

9 Anguished men rush home to their families, crying, "Oh my god, is the
Murcielago/ Bentley/Ferrari all right?" or "Check the cable TV reception
- can we still watch the World Cup?!"
8 Singaporeans do not really know how to loot. Instead of taking whatever
beauty products they can find floating in the water, they wait to see if
something more valuable will float by, such as a camera or a leather iPhone
cover. Other more enterprising looters will insist that rescue workers carry
them to the Hermes boutique, just in case a slightly soiled Birkin floats by.
7 Rescue workers have trouble carrying out submerged patrons from Starbucks
or Wendy’s because they won’t leave until they get a voucher for a replacement
6 People are taking photos to upload on their Facebook pages.
5 Rescued victims will lodge complaints that their rescuers took their umbrellas
to help other people and did not return them.
4 Firefighters have to counsel drivers still in their cars half submerged in water,
muttering to themselves, "I can make it, I can make it ...."
3 Bystanders are watching the same drivers along the sidelines, placing bets on
whether they will make it.
2 After the same drivers are finally extricated from their cars, they can be heard
muttering on the side of the road, "The weather forecasters did this. That dummy
from Massimo Dutti did this."
1 Stranded commuters insist that rescuers send them to their workplaces in their
civil defence vehicles.
And so ends an exciting week in Singapore. So if you ever thought that the only interesting thing happening during this World Cup season was learning a new African word, vuvuzela, think again. Yes, it took a clogged drain in Tanglin to create this nationwide calamity, but well, the next time it happens, we’ll keep you updated on the most worthwhile looting locations.

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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Cartoon Exhibition

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Cartoon Exhibition

The 19th World Cup will be held in South Africa! It is the first time been hosted by an African nation and took place between 11 June and 11 July 2010 for a whole month! As the premier international football Tournament, FIFA is the Carnival of soccer fans around the world!
China Animation & Comic Network ( has launched the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa cartoon Exhibition. Cartoonists all over the world could create original artwork for our loves for the game and its core values: friendship, tolerance, justice, faith and courage----and share them with zhongman's readers across China and the globe!

It's a free exhibition and the selected works will be published on the event's Topic Page on and other cooperation media. Excellent works will get the chance to publish on TV, newspaper, magazine and etc..

Themes:-Player Portrait-The match-2010 FIFA Mascot ZAKUMI-Free
Participation-Format of work: digitalComic work: JPG is the best for Digital submissions; the longest side: 1000pelsAnimation work: SWF, MPG, AVI, MOV is all right; the biggest 50MB.-Works could be submitted by Email:

Title : 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa cartoon competition

Work UsageThe exhibition are not based awards, selected Cartoons will be recommend and have chances to be published on the Cooperation Media.

Copyright-The author has the copyright.-The organizer has the right to exhibit the works and use them for event promotion.

Exhibition Homepage:-2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa cartoon

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More Chinese women getting breast

More Chinese women getting breast

A growing number of Chinese women are suffering from breast cancer due to unhealthy diets, a poor environment and increased stress at work, experts have said.

The latest figures from the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention show the incidence of the disease in Beijing and Shanghai has spiked in the past decade.

In the capital, about 45 women out of every 100,000 currently have the disease, 23 percent more than in 1997.

In Shanghai, the number is 55 in 100,000, up 31 percent in the past decade.

A recent survey by the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association showed an even higher rate in Shanghai - with 60 women in 100,000 suffering from the disease, equivalent to about 4,500 new cases every year. In 1972, the figure was just 17 in 100,000.

Professor Qiao Youlin of the Cancer Institute and Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences said Monday: "Unhealthy lifestyles are mostly to blame for the growing numbers.
"Researchers found that just 10 percent of the cases are due to heredity.

"Chinese women, especially those living in cities, should pay extra attention to their health and examine their breasts for any suspicious lumps on a monthly basis," he told China Daily.
Symptoms to look out for include unusual pains in the breasts or armpits, he said.

Qiao said women should quit smoking and drinking alcohol, stop using cosmetics that contain estrogen, exercise more, go to bed earlier and cut down on oily foods.

Retired English teacher Dai Weiwen was diagnosed with a malignant tumor at the mid-stages of the disease in late 2000. The 61-year-old Shanghai resident said she had been aware of the tumor for nearly a decade before it got worse.

"I tired easily but thought it was from work," she said.

Dai had her left breast removed when the cancer cells spread, but her condition is now stable. She is now involved in programs aimed at tackling the disease around the world.

Qiao said more needs to be done to raise awareness of the disease.

(China Daily October 30, 2007)2007-10-30 15:54:13