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The fountains, which has yet to be named, will be capable of shooting water over 150 metres into the air - the height of a 50-storey building - and stretch over 275 metres - the length of two football fields.
The $218 million project will be 25 percent larger than the iconic fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.
Like the Fountains of Bellagio, Emaar's fountains will include an integral light and sound show and is expected to become one of Dubai's major tourist attractions, drawing over 10 million visitors per year.
The fountains will shoot 22,000 gallons of water in the air at any given moment and feature over 6,600 lights and 50 colour projectors.
The fountains have yet to be named and a cash prize of $27,225 has been assigned to the winner of a competition to name the water feature.
The structure is scheduled to be operational by 2009

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Weird Buidings 奇怪建筑物

Weird Buidings 奇怪建筑物

The Church of Hallgrimur , Reykjavik , Iceland

Eden project ( United Kingdom )

The Museum of Play ( Rochester , USA )

Forest Spiral ( Darmstadt , Germany )

Wooden Gagster House ( Archangelsk , Russia )

Kunsthaus ( Graz , Austria )

The Basket Building ( Ohio , USA )

Wonderworks (Pigeon Forge , TN , USA )

Montreal Biosphere ( Canada )

Atlantis ( Dubai , UAE)

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Brainy Quotes

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.
Albert Einstein

I should like to say that I am as proud of my Chinese heritage and background as I am devoted to modern science, a part of human civilization of Western origin, to which I have dedicated and I shall continue to dedicate my work.
Chen Ning Yang

For me, the study of these laws is inseparable from a love of Nature in all its manifestations.
Murray Gell-Mann

A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.
Thomas Jefferson

If you have a particular faith or religion, that is good. But you can survive without it.
Dalai Lama

Even the rich are hungry for love, for being cared for, for being wanted, for having someone to call their own.
Mother Teresa

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Unusual buildings in the world

1. Bahá'í House of Worship (Lotus Temple) - Delhi, India
The Bahá'í House of Worship in Delhi, India is popularly known as the Lotus Temple. This elegant hall of worship was built and completed in 1986 and created by an Iranian architect named Fariborz Sahba. This hall is capable of holding up to 2,500 people, with a central hall of about 40 meters tall with a surface area made entirely of white marble.

2. Basque Health Department - Bilbao, Spain
No one would guess that this eye-popping structure is a government building. The new health department of the township of Bilbao, Spain, was created by the architectural firm Coll-barreu Arquitectos and completed building in year 2008. The Basque Health Department is now a distinguished, modern addition to the cityscape and serves as a government health headquarters.

3. Beijing National Stadium - Beijing, China
Visuals of this famous structure was beamed throughout the world when China hosted the Olympics in year 2008. The Beijing National Stadium cost a massive US$423 million and was designed by the Swiss architecture firm Herzog & Meuron.

4. Chapel of the Holy Cross - Arizona, USA
This majestic structure rising up from the natural Arizona mesas (an elevation with clifflike sides) is an iconic Catholic chapel in the United States and was commissioned by a sculptor student of the famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

This chapel was designed by the architect August K Strotz and the building was completed in 1956. In 1957, it won The American Institute of Architects Award of Honor.

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World's Richest Government

World's Richest Government
Interesting attachment for those who are financially inclined to get a
better perspective on the world's economies

We know the world's richest man is Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico,
followed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet of USA.
How about governments?

Which countries’ government is the richest (having most money that is, in US$)

If you are expecting North American and European nations, you might be
While the countries look rich, wealthy European nations can't
withstand a prolonged major financial crisis, just like Greece.
The USA might have the biggest economy, but the American government is
not at all rich; in fact, it can't even take out $150bn if asked to
now without resorting to borrowing.
To date the US government has borrowed $14 trillion!

The UK, likewise, while the country/people are rich, the government isn't.
The UK government’s debt stands at $9 trillion now.

World’s Richest Government

Richest governments after 2008-2009 financial crisis:

1. Peoples Republic of China
National reserves: $2,454,300,000,000

2. Japan
National reserves: $1,019,000,000,000

3. Russia
National reserves: $458,020,000,000

4. Saudi Arabia
National reserves: $395,467,000,000

5. Taiwan
National reserves: $362,380,000,000

6. India
National reserves: $279,422,000,000

7. South Korea
National reserves: $274,220,000,000

8. Switzerland
National reserves: $262,000,000,000

9. Hong Kong, China
National reserves: $256,000,000,000

10. Brazil
National reserves: $255,000,000,000

Here are the rest, in million US$:

11 Singapore / 203,436
12 Germany / 189,100
13 Thailand / 150,000
14 Algeria / 149,000
15 France / 140,848
16 Italy / 133,104
17 United States / 124,176
18 Mexico / 100,096
19 Iran / 96,560
20 Malaysia / 96,100
21 Poland / 85,232
22 Libya / 79,000
23 Denmark / 76,315
24 Turkey / 71,859
25 Indonesia / 69,730
26 United Kingdom / 69,091
27 Israel / 62,490
28 Canada / 57,392
29 Norway / 49,223
30 Iraq / 48,779
31 Argentina / 48,778
32 Philippines / 47,650
33 Sweden / 46,631
34 United Arab Emirates / 45,000
35 Hungary / 44,591
36 Romania / 44,056
37 Nigeria / 40,480
38 Czech Republic / 40,151
39 Australia / 39,454
40 Lebanon / 38,600
41 Netherlands / 38,372
42 South Africa / 38,283
43 Peru / 37,108
44 Egypt / 35,223
45 Venezuela / 31,925
46 Ukraine / 28,837
47 Spain / 28,195
48 Colombia / 25,141
49 Chile / 24,921
50 Belgium / 24,130
51 Brunei / 22,000
52 Morocco / 21,873
53 Vietnam / 17,500
54 Macau / 18,730
55 Kazakhstan / 27,549
56 Kuwait / 19,420
57 Angola / 19,400
58 Austria / 18,079
59 Serbia / 17,357
60 Pakistan / 16,770
61 New Zealand / 16,570
62 Bulgaria / 16,497
63 Ireland / 16,229
63 Portugal / 16,254
64 Croatia / 13,720
65 Jordan / 12,180
66 Finland / 11,085
67 Bangladesh / 10,550
68 Botswana / 10,000
69 Tunisia / 9,709
70 Azerbaijan / 9,316
71 Bolivia / 8,585
72 Trinidad and Tobago / 8,100
73 Yemen / 7,400
74 Uruguay / 8,104
75 Oman / 7,004
76 Latvia / 6,820
77 Lithuania / 6,438
78 Qatar / 6,368
79 Cyprus / 6,176
80 Belarus / 6,074
81 Syria / 6,039
82 Uzbekistan / 5,600
83 Luxembourg / 5,337
84 Guatemala / 5,496
85 Greece / 5,207
86 Bosnia and Herzegovina / 5,151
87 Cuba / 4,247
88 Costa Rica / 4,113
89 Equatorial Guinea / 3,928
90 Ecuador / 3,913
91 Iceland / 3,823
92 Paraguay / 3,731
93 Turkmenistan / 3,644
94 Estonia / 3,583
95 Malta / 3,522
96 Myanmar / 3,500
97 Bahrain / 3,474
98 Kenya / 3,260
99 Ghana / 2,837
100 El Salvador / 2,845
101 Sri Lanka / 2,600
102 Cambodia / 2,522
103 Côte d'Ivoire / 2,500
104 Tanzania / 2,441
105 Cameroon / 2,341
106 Macedonia / 2,243
107 Dominican Republic / 2,223
108 Papua New Guinea / 2,193
109 Honduras / 2,083
110 Armenia / 1,848
111 Slovakia / 1,809
112 Mauritius / 1,772
113 Albania / 1,615
114 Kyrgyzstan / 1,559
115 Jamaica / 1,490
116 Mozambique / 1,470
117 Gabon / 1,459
118 Senegal / 1,350
119 Georgia / 1,300
120 Panama / 1,260
121 Sudan / 1,245
122 Zimbabwe / 1,222
123 Slovenia / 1,105
124 Moldova / 1,102
125 Zambia / 1,100
126 Nicaragua / 1,496
127 Mongolia / 1,000
128 Chad / 997
129 Burkina Faso / 897
130 Lesotho / 889
131 Ethiopia / 840
132 Benin / 825
133 Namibia / 750
134 Madagascar / 745
135 Barbados / 620
136 Laos / 514
137 Rwanda / 511
138 Swaziland / 395
139 Togo / 363
140 Cape Verde / 344
141 Tajikistan / 301
142 Guyana / 292
143 Haiti / 221
144 Belize / 150
145 Vanuatu / 149
146 Malawi / 140
147 Gambia / 120
148 Guinea / 119
149 Burundi / 118
150 Seychelles / 118
151 Samoa / 70
152 Tonga / 55
153 Liberia / 49
154 Congo / 36
155 São Tomé and Príncipe / 36
156 Eritrea / 22
Big national reserves doesn't guarantee prosperity however, for
instance, the yearly expenses for China's government is $1.11
trillion, their government must always think of economic growth and
making more money.

China’s gov't overspent $110bn last year, much on it towards
modernizing their military, if it goes on like this their reserves can
only last for 22 yrs.

The Malaysian gov't overspent $13bn last year, if it goes on like this
their reserves can only last for 7 yrs.

The Singaporean government overspent $3bn last year, much of it
rescuing their banks from financial crisis, if it goes on like this
their reserves can last 68 yrs.

The Swiss gov't overspent $1bn last year, if it goes on like this
their reserves can last 262 yrs.

A country normally can borrow up to 100% its GDP, a very strong
industrial country or very financial stable nation can borrow up to
perhaps 200% its GDP, debts over 250% GDP the country is bankrupted.

Greece's Debts Is 113.40% GDP, In Danger As It Is Not Considered A
Strong Industrial Or Financial Country.

Iceland Is 107.60%, Also In Crisis As It Is Not So Strong Industrial
Or Financially.

Singapore Debts Is 113.10%, Not In Hot Water Due To Its Global
Financial Hub Status, And Also Its Financial Strength. It's Only
Dangerous For Singapore When It Reaches 200%

Japan Debts Is 189.30%, Still Under Radar As A Powerful Industrial
Nation. It Needs To Panic Only At Around 200%

US Has The World Largest Debts, But It Is Only 62% Its GDP, It Is Not
In Any Immediate Danger Of Bankruptcy.

Zimbabwe Debts Is 282.60% GDP, It Is A Bankrupted Nation.

Malaysia Debts Is Currently At 53.70% GDP.

Hong Kong And Taiwan Is Doing Pretty Good With Debts At 32-37% GDP

South Korea Is Even Better With Debts At 23.5% GDP

China Is Very Stable With Debts At 16.90% GDP

Russia Is Like A Big Mountain With Debts Only At 6.30% GDP There Are
Only 5 Countries With No Debt (I.E. 0%) –

Brunei, Liechtenstein, Palau, Nieu, And Macau Of China.

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Made in Malaysia

Have you seen the Made-in-Malaysia car "Kancil"? You
know, that very little 600 cc car ??? Well Dr M really
wanted to sell it to the US, so when Dr M paid a visit
to the White House after finishing formal discussions
with George Bush,
Dr M checks with Bush if there is a way to sell the
Kancil in the USA.

After having looked at the brochure, Bush said, "You
know, I think this 'Kernchill' is too small for us
Americans." Not one who gives up easily, Dr M
persisted and finally Bush offered, "Ok, take this
number down. This guy is my good buddy and he's also
the CEO of the biggest compact car distributor in
North America".

Dr M was satisfied with the meeting and returns to

The next day he called the number and a lady answered,
"TOYS R US", Can I help you"

Disco Mecca

The pass-through for the night nearby, he will not hesitate one second to realize that what they see is not only a nightclub Avcthoh in the town of "Ogelas" distant 105 kilometers from the city, "Murcia" port in Spain, without giving rise to only a protest against local Islamic shy subsided echo fast and is void.

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Be vigilant when dealing with Thai Customs - Scary

Be vigilant when dealing with Thai Customs - Scary

Does it shock you that this can actually happen in an International Airport ?

I was harassed at the Thai Customs. The Customs Officer asked for outright bribery. I gave him my loose change of Taiwan $2x300 but was met by his waving of a US$100 note. I called for the Tour Leader to intercede.
The Customs Officer declared that my luggage needed to be given a
special search. The Tour Leader adamantly refused because if it did get
taken to the back room for searching, they will INSERT DRUGS into it.

The following incident happened to a Taiwanese national.
Lee helped a female custom officer to unload a suitcase from the
conveyor as an act of kindness. She immediately accused him of hiding
drugs in THAT SUITCASE which did not belong to him in the first place.
He was asked to pay bribe to the amount of $4M Baht (which he did not
comply). He was thrown into jail for 1 yr during which he was forced to
wear leg chains for 5 months. His family had to pay $3000 per month so
that he could have decent food, instead of food worse than what we give
to animals.
After 18 appeals, his case was brought for retrial. He was acquitted with no damages paid. His Rolex watch, cash,and passport were never returned.

Your luggage could be implanted with drugs by Customs Officers or people
authorized to handle suitcases, and hefty bribes asked from you. Jail is full
of people in this situation. There are currently 67 Taiwanese in jail; 47 were thrown into jail with planted drug because they refused to pay the demanded bribes. Taiwan has no diplomatic ties with Thailand .

P/S : I can attest to the fact that I saw people having their suitcases super-taped up at the airport in Phuket. Gigantic tapes, exactly the same as those used by the movers on furniture. It costs to have this procedure done and I simply could not understand the reason for such a step then.



出境時泰國海關人員竟然光明正大的伸手向我索賄原因 是:他的意思是說我的行李超重,要拆開來看一下原本我不給,同團的朋友說:算了!給他一點好了我就把剩下的泰國錢全給他了,大約合台幣2、3百那個海關的人
竟然不要,他竟指定要美金100元,因為他還拿一張美金100元讓我看一下,後來我 就大叫領隊過來,領隊和他溝通了一下,於是泰國海關的人就說:我的行李要拿到房間裡面特別檢查,還好,領隊堅持不行,後來領隊告訴我:拿進去檢查就完蛋 了!因為泰國海關人員就會塞進去毒品!所以,以下這則新聞我想一定是泰國海關 人員刻意栽贓的所以,從那次以後,我發誓我再也不會去泰國觀光,否則一輩子就 完了。

ps: 當時領隊陳建鴻(中國海專畢業,鳳凰旅遊) 感謝您了!


國人李進益去年 7月30日自泰國曼谷返國,在通關經過隨身 行李X光機時,在其行李後面有一個手提包無人認領,李進益被泰國女警叫住,以為是女警因為行李太重,請他幫忙將行李拿下來,李進益將行李拿下放在地下之
後,就轉身拿著自己的行李登機,不料卻因此被泰國警方依攜帶含有安非他命的減 肥藥逮捕,其間還向他索賄400萬元泰銖! (約323萬台幣)他被關了一年多才釋放。


外交部亞太司秘書胡志堅則表示,我國目前共有67人遭泰國 監禁,其中47人都是因為毒品案件,外交部也知道泰國索賄的問題,但是不便介入。

李進益在記者會中現身說法,表示自己因為在泰國經商,被 當地警察索賄很多,知道泰國警察的作法,必須要順著對方的意思,原本他已經過了X光機,向前走了5、6步,卻被女警兇惡的叫住,他因為不懂泰文,以為是對方


掉,期間泰國 警方還向他索賄,要求5萬泰銖即可拿掉腳鐐。


李進益遭拘禁期間,泰國警方還向他開價 400萬泰銖。由於堅持自己沒有犯罪,李進益屢次在泰國法庭上要求法官向泰國緝毒警察局索? ‖F場錄? 皫ёC明自己的清白,緝毒組卻以證人、證據未到等理由,前後13次要求法院
延期審理,直到今年 8月2日 才將錄影帶送到法官手中,法院在9月3日 開庭之後,判決李進益當庭無罪釋放。


請各位用力傳閱! !

Electrical PROBLEMS?

Electric stove broken & can't heat coffee?

Can't afford a real GPS?

Car stereo stolen

Electrical problem?

New TV too big for the old cabinet?

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"holy shit"

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12 Reasons Why Millions Of Americans Are Incredibly Angry About The State Of The U.S. Economy

12 Reasons Why Millions Of Americans Are Incredibly Angry About The State Of The U.S. Economy
We have reached a very interesting turning point in American history. More than at any other point in modern times, Americans are deeply angry about the state of the economy. In fact, it is no stretch to say that millions of U.S. citizens are hopping mad about the economic situation. Most of them don't know exactly what is wrong, and even fewer of them have any idea about how to go about fixing things, but they do know one thing. They know that they are mad. As Americans, we were raised with the belief that our overwhelmingly powerful economic machine would always provide good jobs and prosperity for all of us as long as we worked hard. But we have come to learn that is not true. We have come to learn that our politicians and our leaders have squandered the great inheritance that our forefathers left for us. We have come to learn that the financial future of our nation is beyond bleak. We have come to learn that our government has piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world. Now the foolish decisions of the past several decades are catching up with us. The U.S. economy is experiencing structural failure, and the American people are angry. They want answers. They want someone to fix things. They want things to go back to the way they used to be.

But that isn't going to happen. Once the American people truly start realizing that, the anger that will erupt will dwarf what we are seeing now.

Not that they are aren't already incredibly steamed. The following are 12 reasons why many Americans are absolutely furious about the state of the U.S. economy....

#1) There simply are not enough jobs for everyone. The number of unemployed Americans per job opening has started to increase again, hitting 5.5 in February. Even many of those who are able to get some work find themselves only able to obtain part-time employment. Gallup's underemployment measure hit 20.0% on March 15th. This was up from 19.7% two weeks earlier and 19.5% at the start of the year.

#2) More Americans than ever find themselves having to rely on the U.S. government just to survive. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about 39.4 million Americans, a new all-time record, received food stamps in January. This was up 22% from a year earlier. In fact, the number of Americans on food stamps has hit all-time records for 14 consecutive months.

#3) Foreclosures continue to set records across the United States. RealtyTrac, the California-based authority on property trends and valuations, projects that there will be 4.5 million home foreclosures before the end of this year. If you figure 4 people per household, that is another 18 million people that will be forced out of their homes.

#4) As unemployment and foreclosures continue to soar, "tent slums" have started popping up all over the United States. Is this why our founding fathers fought and died? So we could all live in "tent slums" as the big fat cats on Wall Street roll around in their bailout cash?

#5) But even with all of these economic problems, the price of food is going up. Rising demand and reduced supply drove supermarket prices for 16 basic foods up 6.2% in the first quarter of 2010.

#6) Due to the exploding government debt, the American people are going to be confronted with some tough choices. According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the United States will soon have to make difficult choices between higher taxes and reduced social spending. Either alternative will slow down the U.S. economy.

#7) Meanwhile, corruption in the financial system is running rampant. The CEOs of bailed-out regional banks are actually getting big raises. The guy who helped bring down AIG is going to get off scott-free and will be able to keep the millions in profits that he made in the process.

#8) But the biggest fraud is being committed by the boys at the top of the food chain. A whistle blower has come forward with "smoking gun" evidence of price manipulation by major financial institutions in the precious metals markets. The scope of this fraud is in the trillions of dollars. The American people can't stomach much more of this type of thing.

#9) Almost all financial experts agree that the era of super cheap money is over and that interest rates are about to rise significantly. This is going to make it much more expensive for most Americans to borrow money to buy a home, to buy a car, to buy things with their credit cards or to borrow money for education. Those who already have adjustable loans are going to find a much larger portion of their income going to pay interest. Needless to say, this is going to cause the U.S. economy to experience a significant slowdown.

#10) One of the biggest things that the American people are upset about is the "health care reform" bill that was just rammed down their throats. It turns out that "health care reform" is actually going to be the biggest tax increase in American history. Not only that, but because of taxes and mandates imposed upon health insurance companies by the legislation, health insurance premiums are also about to increase substantially. So where will the average American family get the money to pay for these increases?

#11) In addition, the new health care law that was supposed to give all of us much better health care is actually going to force the cancellation of at least 60 doctor-owned hospitals that were scheduled to be opened according to the executive director of Physician Hospitals of America. Why? Well, it turns out that the new law singles out physician-owned hospitals, making new physician-owned projects ineligible to receive payments for Medicare and Medicaid patients.

#12) The reality is that Americans are increasingly becoming disenchanted with the lack of leadership in both political parties. Approval ratings for leaders in both parties are extremely low, and anger at politicians is at an all-time high. The Tea Party movement is just one symptom of the seething anger many Americans are feeling. While many Americans are gathering together at large protest rallies to demonstrate against the policies of the government, others are expressing their displeasure on blogs and websites. There has never been a moment in modern times when Americans have been so disenchanted with their political leadership.

This anger is not going to go away. It could be soothed a bit if the U.S. economy was fully fixed and things went back to the way they used to be. But as noted previously, that just is not going to happen. Harder times are ahead. Americans are going to get angrier and angrier.

But there is not much that can be done to prevent that anger. The politicians who are in office when things really hit the fan are going to take the brunt of the anger, but it won't be their fault. The truth is that this economic collapse has been building for decades. The American people are just not going to understand that the financial system cannot be fixed overnight.

Dark times are coming. It is not going to be pretty. There is going to be a lot of anger and a lot of hate. But all of these economic problems could be seen well ahead of time and there have been those who have been screaming and yelling about them for decades.

But very few people wanted to listen.


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That's incredible...

That's incredible...

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Queen Elizabeth's Laptop

Queen Elizabeth's Laptop