Saturday, November 27, 2010

$ 8 billion and marriage Prince William

$ 8 billion and marriage Prince William
London : United Kingdom | Nov 27, 2010
By ahmed ibrahem ibrahem Buray

British experts have warned that the cause of the wedding Prince William, ranked second in line to the throne and Kate MiddletonKate Middleton in losses to the British economy up to $ 8 billion.

The newspaper "Daily Telegraph" that Britain will be open for business just three days during the period from 22 April to 2 May next year,

After the announcement by Prime Minister David Cameron on the marriage of William and Kate, who decided at the April 29, will be an official holiday.

The newspaper pointed out that the body of British Industry estimated that the marriage of the prince, who would extend the period of holidays to 11 days, including Easter Holiday, will cost the economy £ 5 billion pounds as a result of lost productivity and overtime payments.

She added that the "British employers have announced that small businesses will suffer lost sales because of the additional holiday,

While others warned that other companies will be forced to close down during that period because many of its employees will take leave during absences from work or sick days. "

The newspaper quoted Stephen of "Federation of Small Businesses," saying: "The additional leave can not come at a worse time than the present time, it raises a real concern because it tempted a lot of staff time off work to enjoy a holiday long week Royal Wedding."

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