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20 Meter Long Snow Corridor In Japan

In Japan's Toyama Prefecture is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan - Tateyama Kurobe mountain route. Go to Mount Tateyama in the spring can be reached only by road, which at this time of year is bordered by a huge column of snow. Tateyama is considered a sacred mountain and the Japanese tend to come here once in your life. ?This travel companies, families and whole groups. In the summer comes a lot of students. On the slopes of paved walking trails, enjoying great popularity among the advocates of a healthy lifestyle. But the "peak" travel is in April-May, when they begin to dig out the snow from the highway and you can see this wonder of the world - snow corridor "Yukina-Otani". This "great wall of snow" has a height of 20 meters. Corridor "cut through" in the thick snow, and that its axis coincides with the axis of the road on the side of the roadway has special multimeter with a pylon mounted radio transmitters in them. Travel by road private car is prohibited and is plying buses are equipped with electric motors so as not to contaminate the sparkling whiteness of the snow corridor walls.


UNIQUE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD Australia is the only country in the world which covers a whole continent, every other continent has more than one country. It is the only country that is also a continent, and the only continent that is also a country. It is the sixth largest country in the world with a total area of 7,686,850 sq km (2,967,909 sq. mi), making it slightly smaller than the contiguous 48 states of the United States and 31.5 times larger than the United Kingdom. The photo is of olgas in Northern Territory of Australia
[2] CANADA COUNTRY OF LAKES Canada has an extremely large number of lakes. More than 60 percent of the world's lakes are in Canada, this is because of the deranged drainage system that dominates the country. Canada has a huge number of lakes (the exact total number is unknown). Part of the reason is that Canada has at least 3 million lakes and in some regions, there are as many as 30 lakes for every 100 sq km (39 sq mi). The picture of Peyto Lake.
_____ [3] MONGOLIA LEAST DENSELY POPULATED COUNTRY The country with the world's lowest population density is Mongolia with a population density of approximately 4,4 people per square mile (1,7 people/sq km). Mongolia's 2.5 million people occupy over 600,000 square miles of land (about 1,560,000 sq km). Most of that population is in urban areas, since development in Mongolia's vast deserts and grazing lands is hindered in part by drought and dust storms, leaving those parts of the country nearly as empty as they were in Genghis Khan's time.
_____ [4] LIBYA COUNTRY OF DESERTS Country with the highest percentage of desert is Libya (99%). The Libyan Desert, which covers most of Libya, is one of the most arid places on earth. In some places, decades may pass without rain, and even in the highlands rainfall seldom happens, once every 5-10 years. The picture is Libyan Desert.
_____ [5] SURINAME COUNTRY OF JUNGLES The estimated forest area is 14.8 million hectares (57 000 sq mi), which is 91% of the total land area (16.3 million hectares or 63 000 sq mi). Suriname's extensive forest cover and low population, about 400,000 concentrated in the capital and coastal cities, give it one of the lowest deforestation rates in the world. Only 5 percent of the population lives in the rainforest; this includes indigenous peoples and six tribes of Maroons-descendants of escaped slaves who recreated forest communities centuries ago and today retain their traditional West African style. The photo is of central Suriname Nature Reserve.
_____ [6] UKRAINE FASTEST DISAPPEARING NATION The country with the highest decrease in the natural birth rate is Ukraine, with a natural decrease of 0.8% each year. Ukraine is expected to lose 28% of their population between now and 2050 (from 46.8 million now to 33.4 million in 2050). _____ [7] NETHERLANDS COUNTRY BELOW SEA LEVEL More than half of the Netherlands sits below sea level, and if a massive storm were to break through the dunes, Rotterdam would be inundated in 24 hours. Today, approximately 27 percent of the Netherlands is actually below sea level. This area is home to over 60 percent of the country's population of 15.8 million people. The Netherlands, which is approximately the size of the U.S. states Connecticut and Massachusetts combined, has an approximate average elevation of 11 meters (36 feet). The Netherlands ties Lemmefjord, Denmark for claim to the lowest point in Western Europe - Prince Alexander Polder lies at 23 feet (7 meters) below sea level.
_____ [8] TUVALU THE LEAST VISITED COUNTRY This is the fourth smallest country in the world. Tuvalu is located halfway between Australia and Hawaii, and it's predicted to be the first country to vanish beneath the waves when global warming pushes sea-levels high enough. It's also very difficult to get to - you're looking at sporadic, expensive flights from Fiji. Tuvalu has a grand total of 1,100 tourists a year.
_____ [9] INDONESIA COUNTRY OF ISLANDS Indonesia consists of more than 17,500 islands with a total coastline of 81,350 km (50,549 miles). Around 6,000 of these are inhabited. The largest islands are Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Bali, Lombok and Flores. This country contains 10-15 percent of the world's coral reefs.
_____ [10] INDIA COUNTRY OF GEOGRAPHICAL DIVERSITIES The uniqueness of Indian culture lies in its geographical diversities, natural wealth, vast population and people's attitude among other things. There are few countries, which may compare with extreme climatic conditions like India has. When people in the northern parts of country would be shivering with chilling cold one can find people in the south bare feet.

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Momenta Necklace PC

Momenta Necklace PC

Feeling geeky? Let your Nintendo freak flag fly. Need to look girly and chic? Flip over your Reversible Aluminum Necklace, Geek or Chic and you're a creature of infinite cherry blossoms and silver foil. Both sides are lacquered with clear resin to make a durable (yet handmade) piece of sexy-cute geekiana. Comes on a 16" sterling silver Italian snake chain.

Speed Control

How's this for speed control?
I don't know about you, but this would slow me down!

People slow down and try to "straddle" the hole, then breath a sign of relief they completely cleared it! This is actually a speed control device that is in use in Canada.

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War - For countless centuries war has enraged on one part of our planet or another; and sadly still does today as you read this! For countless centuries humans have used any excuse to mercilessly kill others! For countless centuries humans have not learnt anything from this uncivilised action! What makes it worse is that some have used God as an excuse to kill others, and NEVER throughout history has any God authorised humans the right to pointlessly kill other humans; and God NEVER will!

Regardless of the reasons for stating a war, wars never solves anything – except population control. So why do we constantly repeat this vile act on each other? Are humans truly completely stupid? Have we not learnt anything throughout time? It certainly does look that way! Wars usually happen because global population control is not in place. Liberated population control means that when a country becomes over populated they have to take over their neighbours land; as did China with Tibet as an example, and in turn war breaks out. What we need is less negative action and more positive action, but how can we all as individuals achieve this?

Some have said Unconditional Love is the answer, but perhaps that’s trying to run before we have learnt to walk because many don’t truly understand it. For anything to grow is has to start life as a small seed, and depending on the quality of the seed, the nurturing, it becomes something strong and powerful we can all attach importance to.

So what seed can we use to help everything on a global scale that everyone can nurture? Well it’s quite simple and has been around for some time; albeit forgotten by many and unknown to some. This cannot be forced on anyone; they have to want to do it freely, you are forbidden from taking any financial or materialistic reward for your actions and in that very accomplishment lays its strength. This works well when you apply the act to complete strangers and not family or friends.

One good deed a day this is an old saying which when applied can do wonders for everyone all over the globe; regardless of sex, age or belief. Not only for you, but the person receiving the good deed, because applied correctly it cascades and grows in strength. Don’t panic, I’m not asking anyone to part with any money; in fact all I ask is that once a day you try and achieve this very simple goal. Nobody can say it’s impossible because we can all do this regardless of sex, age or belief. Before we do, I think we should explain what a good deed is by giving some examples;

Thinking of others before self.
Showing care and consideration to everyone.
Leading by good honest examples.
Helping the elderly or infirmed without being asked.
Helping defenceless animals.
Helping your environment.
Giving up your seat on a bus or train.
Caring or looking out for a neighbour.
When you perform this very simple act, you will feel better in yourself, and in turn the person receiving the deed will also feel good. In the majority of cases the person receiving the good deed will then perform a good deed for someone else, that person then will then perform another good deed on someone else; and so it continues. As it slowly cascades, gaining strength as it goes, and if we all continue this process every day without fail, we will have achieved something great and powerful that may just prevent another global war. With time and continuous positive action, this act can prevent wars completely. The experienced way of resolving any differences, is by learning to compromise; war is NOT a compromise!