Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taiwan child pianist wows China blindfolded: report

Taiwan child pianist wows China blindfolded: report
2010-11-03 15:20
TAIPEI, Tuesday 2 November 2010 (AFP) - A six-year-old Taiwanese pianist claiming to be self-taught has charmed a Chinese audience after he was invited to perform blindfolded on state television, Taiwanese media said Tuesday.

Yu Sung-tze wowed the crowd with a smooth rendition of Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "The Flight of the Bumblebee" on China's CCTV, despite being blindfolded, the Nownews website said.

Yu said that he has been playing on his own since he was four years old and that he could play pieces from memory after listening to them a few times, without having to read the scores, the report said.

The boy appeared on a programme called "I want to be on the Lunar New Year Evening Show," which allows the public to vote for which performer can join China's most-watched programme.

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