Tuesday, August 31, 2010

U2's gig In Moscow Shut Down

U2's gig In Moscow Shut Down
August 30, 2010
It has been reported, that Wednesday night, on the eve of U2's debut show in Moscow, the Russian police arrested several activists from the Amnesty International. These individuals were outside the venue and were seen collecting signatures and also handing out leaflets.

Amnesty however were not the only organization that was effectively kicked out of the venue, U2's very own charity organization that goes by the ONE campaign were also thrown out. ONE campaign is something that deals with the awareness in AIDS.

Amnesty International's Moscow officer Sergei Nikitin said that it was strange as well as sad to see that the Russian governments weren't afraid to see people even collect signatures and other such stuff.

He further added that U2 singer Bono was one of the organizers. He also said that it was just a publicity event that Amnesty does in every city where the band has performed.

U2 vocalist and chief songwriter, Bono met with the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to talk about the prevention of the spread of HIV.

He reportedly praised Medvedev as sociable on stage, however he surprised all after he invited Yury Shevchuk, who happens to be a Russian rock star, infamous for his attacks on the Kremlin to play the Bob Dylan's classic 'Knocking On Heaven's Door'.


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