Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hong Kong Residents Turns Racist

Hong Kong is widely regarded as one of the international cities in the world and even claims to be "Asia's World City" turned out to be one of the city's most intolerant of different races and ethnicities.

The survey results were published in The Washington Post this points to the fact that 71.8 percent of Hong Kong residents do not want to live next door to a different race. In fact, the city was alive at least 450,000 people outside the ethnic majority, the Han.

The survey was conducted over the last five years with the respondent police recruits and high school students. Obtain survey results, most of the 1,860 respondents said they are less comfortable if you have a friend or neighbor of Africa, Nepal, the Philippines, India, and Pakistan.

"It's very embarrassing. You hope conditions improve, but it is very, very sad," said Executive Director of Unison, Fermi Wong.

Hong Kong is already trying to overcome the problem of racial discrimination since 2008. "Prior to this situation, the government has always said that Hong Kong is a harmonious society and all perception of discrimination is merely a misunderstanding," said Kelley Loper, a professor of law at the University of Hong Kong.

Most of the 300,000 domestic helpers working in Hong Kong comes from Indonesia and the Philippines.

Unlike other foreigners who can obtain permanent residency if've lived in Hong Kong for seven years, the domestic workers can not get the same rights. This issue is still being decided in court.

The Wall Street Journal
Ervan Hardoko

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