Thursday, June 27, 2013

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden


This 29 year-old analyst just gave up his whole life -- his girlfriend, his job, and his home --

 to blow the whistle on the US government's shocking PRISM program -- which has been reading and recording our emails, Skype messages, Facebook posts and phone calls for years.

When Bradley Manning passed this kind of data to Wikileaks, the US threw him naked into solitary 

confinement in conditions that the UN called "cruel, inhumane and degrading".

The authorities and press are deciding right now how to handle this scandal.  

If millions of us stand with Edward in the next 48 hours, it will send a powerful statement that

 he should be treated like the brave whistleblower that he is, and it should be PRISM, 

and not Edward, that the US cracks down on.

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