Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obese Ohio Man Dies After Sitting in Chair for Two Years

Obese Ohio Man Dies After Sitting in Chair for Two Years

Paramedics in Ohio received a call from a girl who was in need of help as her morbidly obese boyfriend went unconscious in his chair.

When the paramedics reached that place, the man was found welded to the chair and they were told that he was in his chair for last two years.

In order to remove him, a hole had to be made through a wall of the house and then he was removed from the recliner but he died due to his critical condition after being taken to the hospital.

Paramedics reported it to be the worst thing they had ever responded to as the man was found sitting on his own feces and urine and was covered in maggots. It was revealed later that the man had refused to leave his chair for last two years and his girlfriend was giving him food and soft drinks on the chair only.

Health official Jim Chase said, “The chair was very filthy, a lot of odor to it. Going in the house, the house was not clean. The living room where the man lived in his chair was very filthy, very deplorable. It's unbelievable that somebody lives in conditions like that”.

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