Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love Manchester United, backs Filled Tattoos "Red Devils"

Love Manchester United, backs Filled Tattoos "Red Devils"
John Retter really shows his love for Manchester United (MU). Because of his love, he fulfilled his back with a tattoo bearing the "Red Devils".

To get the best tattoo on her back that, Retter willing to pay 1000 pounds (about USD 14.4 million). That is the fee that he gave to the famous tattoo artist, Tony Gallon.

According to Tony Gallon told The Sun, "That tattoo symbols biggest football club I ever made."

The process of making a tattoo was not as easy as imagined. It took 16 hours to finalize until perfect. So as not saturated, during the tattoo, Retter reading biographies United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Really love MU.

Retter claimed never to miss the game MU, even through the television. Residents Paignton, Devon, southwest England, said, "This symbol is brilliant with lots of history. I am proud to have a tattoo like this," said Retter.

About the long feud between Manchester United and Liverpool, he said, "As the sun rises, I'll undress and sunbathe on the beach and would have many supporters who condemned the opponent."

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