Monday, December 13, 2010

You Tube Restores Banned Video After Media Storm

You Tube Restores Banned Video After Media Storm

UPDATED DEC. 1, 2010 2:20 PM CST — You Tube issued
The Alex Jones Channel a notice reversing its PREVIOUS DECISION to freeze the account. In the newest contact, You Tube writes that “Upon additional review we have reinstated the material and removed any penalties that had been applied to your account.”

Only two days ago, YouTube responded to our counter-notification challenging the removal of a Wikileaks massacre video posted by literally hundreds of other media outlets by ruling to freeze our account. Now, thanks to outrage from our listeners and articles slamming the unfair ruling, You Tube has taken the rare and nearly unprecedented step of taking a second look, restoring the video and removing all penalties. Credit goes to You Tube for listening to our criticism.

Ironically, though, even this reversal contains its own spin. Below the decision [see full letterbelow] is a message recommending that we “appeal the strike” in any future incidents we feel are unjust. However, this appeal process, known as a “DMCA counter-notification” is the exact venue we used to challenge the video’s original removal. It was when we DID appeal that You Tube ruled to freeze our account; the removal of the video itself was only a strike that would not have closed or frozen our account.

UPDATE: Following the news that TheAlexJonesChannel would be frozen after it attempted to challenge the removal of its video posting of the Apache Helicopter video released through Wikileaks, YouTube contacted us AGAIN and reversed its decision, restoring the video following media criticism.

Google & You Tube Ban Alex Jones
Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes

November 29, 2010

Both Google and its subsidiary company You Tube have banned Alex Jones and his websites, as attempts to curtail free speech widen.

Within the past 2-3 weeks, Jones and his team have confirmed that after years of being listed under Google News, one of the largest platforms for news dissemination, that PrisonPlanet.comand have been blocked from its search results, effectively censoring their content from wide web coverage. Only smaller sites that re-post the content have appeared in Google searches since early November.

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UPDATED DEC. 1, 2010 2:20 PM CST — You Tube issuedTheAlexJonesChannel a notice... more

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