Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why waste water

Help us conserve water with car wash

At TOTAL we always try to consider the environment and offer you a greener option wherever and whenever possible. Our car washes are no exception. According to Thames Water statistics, washing a car at home with a hose uses, on average, 650 litres of water. Across the 65% of car owners in the UK who wash their cars at home by hand, that equates to almost 130 million litres of water - if you can’t picture what that looks like, it’s approximately 52 Olympic sized swimming pools down the drain every single day!1

We like to think we're a bit different; our car washes are designed to get a fantastic result, yet they are able to do this using much less water than washing at home with a hose. To put it simply if everyone changed to a TOTAL car wash, together we would save around 110 million litres of water every day - amazing! Plus, at a number of our sites our car washes are now able to fully recycle all the water they use so it's kinder to the environment.

For a car wash with a conscience, you know where to turn.

1Source: Thames Water. When washing a vehicle by hand with a hose, we use between 400 and 900 litres of water, or an average of 650 litres. 71,400,000 hand car washes take place annually in the UK (Datamonitor), or around 196,000 per day. 196,000 car washes multiplied by 650 litres of water equals 127,400,000 litres of water across the country.
Source: Fina. Olympic size swimming pool holds 2,500,000 litres of water (assuming 2m depth)

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