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Pantai - Pantai Terindah di Sumbawa Barat

Pantai - Pantai Terindah di Sumbawa Barat


Beaches - Beautiful Beaches in West Sumbawa NTB

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Photography and Text by Barry Kusuma
Sumbawa is known for the beauty of Coast beaches, any beach that must be visited in the West Sumbawa. 

Maluk beach 
Maluk beach is in a bay, which is located in the village of West Sumbawa Jereweh Maluk. who makes beautiful because Maluk Beach is flanked by two hills, namely Bukit Mantun the north and Bukit Reply to the south. Panorama of the beach is very beautiful, with sparkling white sand. Maluk beach can be fairly Tourists crowded because it is adjacent to the city Maluk addition to local residents. many surfers who want to learn to surf this beach come. 

Maluk Coast than surf here we can also meet a lot of fishing boats 
Spicy beef jerky often found on the beach stalls Maluk 
Besides surfing, there are many other activities you can do at the beach Maluk. You can swim, sunbathe, canoeing, or just laze around while playing on the beach sand. Clean white sand beaches and shallow sea is perfect and to perform various activities. Around Maluk Beach there are several restaurants and food stalls that will satisfy your culinary. 

Rantung beach 
Rantung beach one of the best surfing spots in Indonesia, even in the world. Waves at this beach are included in the list of the best waves in the world. No wonder that the famous Maluk Beach to various parts of the world surfing championships and many international level (International Surfing Championship) held there. This beach is known by people around the beach because Smithers Yoyo's rolling waves to a height of over two meters and the waves much like yoyo continued rolling up as if to suck the surfers who try to conquer it. 

Here are lodging and many foreign tourists who occupy this inn, staying here is generally surfers. they specifically came to this beach just to subdue the fierce waves contained on this beach. 

Tropical beach 
excellence tropical beach has sand beaches have sand and white pepper-shaped, curved shape was like a lake shore. Moreover, the color blue is really exotic beaches, beach is arguably its unspoilt beaches, just a pity there are many Tropical resort near trash and other Along Tropical Beach neighborhood looks clean, nice area on the water or beach sand beach. 

Tropical beach scenery is beautiful. We can see the rocks time stroll on the sand beach we can also find the shells with a colorful variety of diverse forms. Every now and then we can also find a small animal around the coast such as crabs and snails. 

Lawar beach 
Lawar beach is a beach on the west coast of the island of Sumbawa. The distance is about 3 to 5 km from the beach Rantung. Lawar very exotic beach, with dunes towering at the right end of the beach. Like the other beaches on the west coast of Sumbawa, white sandy beach as well Lawar. Interestingly, the sand on the beach is really clean and soft white like milk powder. on the left coast there are many big rocks very beautiful if you photograph. Grains of sand at the foot feels very soft. To feel the softness of the sand you should walk barefoot.

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