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Kate on Royal tour in Solomon Islands

Kate on Royal tour in Solomon Islands
How funny: Kate stifles a giggle as she and William are garlanded by a gaggle of bare-chested women after they arrive on Marau in the Solomon Islands Baring all: It was a world away from the storm that has engulfed the couple because of topless pictures of Kate published by a french magazine Closer last week

Intricate: The colourful necklaces, worth up to £150 each, took three months to make Hello! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge receive a traditional welcome from locals when they land in Mara. Royal entrance: Kate steps off the plane for the next leg of her and William's South Pacific tour.

Welcome - Marau style: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are traditionally welcomed to Marau ‘

On our way: Prince William chats with an islander as he makes his way through a path of brightly coloured flowers at the Marau landing strip. Pit stop: The Royal couple stop midway along a walk way to watch a group of bare chested women perform a water dance.

Canoe to paradise: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then enjoyed the scenic route to Tavanipupu Island in a traditional war canoe. Outfit change: Kate swapped her yellow Jaeger day dress for a navy blue Mulberry frock for evening while the Duke chose an eye-popping pink shirt...but what's that behind them?

The barefoot Royals: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived barefoot in Tavanipupu, Solomon Islands, during the latest leg of their South Pacific tour. Rough Ground: The Duchess of Cambridge chats with John Sullivan as she walks barefoot over some quite rough ground onTavanipupu Island.

 Tradition: The couple had enjoyed watching a group of nine women perform a traditional water dance involving splashing themselves with water before setting off for the neighbouring islands Water dance: The women performed as Kate and William made their way downtheir way to Marapa and Tavanipupu by boat and canoe. A quick wave and they're off: The Duke and Duchess head off by boat to Tavanipupu Out in force: The Royal visit caused great excitement among the islanders, some had trekked up to six hours just to see Kate and Wills.

On her own: Earlier in the day the Duchess had left William's side to attend a Women's Reception at the Leaf House, Commonwealth Youth South Pacific Centre Family: Kate revealed how family life was very important to her especially now she was married during a half hour chat with about 40 women from the Young Women's Parliamentary Group For me? Kate had moved round the group, spending several minutes with each woman, telling them their cause was 'important'.

Newly-crowned: The Duchess, wearing a £180 bright yellow dress from Jaeger, proudly sports the decorative headpiece given to her by well-wishers. Crowning glory: The Duchess of Cambridge happily paraded her new headwear, given to her by well-wishers in Honiara and made from exotic fresh flowers

Heading into the rain: After calling on the Solomon Islands' Prime Minister,the Duke and Duchess visited a cultural village in Honiara. Resplendent in yellow: Dressed in the bright yellow sleeves dress and her trusty beige LK Bennett heels, Kate cut a colourful figure. Royal welcome: Hundreds of people gathered to welcome the young couple as they toured the cultural centre during their nine day tour of the Far East. Display:

The Duke listens intently while the Duchess smiles as a tribal war dance is performed in front of her Pan pipe moods: At one hut, a group of traditionally dressed musicians from the Isabel Province played God Save The Queen on their pan pipes. It's a bit like Morris dancing...

The Duke shares a joke with his wife as they watch locals in Honiara perform during their visit. ...But there's always time for a quick joke: The young Royals share a joke during the tribal war dance Pleasure to meet you:

William listens intently as he and Kate chat to a tribal warrior at a cultural village in Honiara. Special performance: Fearsome spear and shield-wielding warrior-like men showed off a number of dances for the Duke and Duchess in the Cultural Village.

 Matching outfits: Kate beams as a group of young dancers perform for her and William - did they know she was going to wear yellow? Taking it all in: Fearsome bare-chested men performed a ceremonial dance for Kate, along with a 'levu' dance normally reserved for 'big men' or very important guests.

Concentrating: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watch as the group of tribal dancers brandish rather fearars Looks painful:

The Duke appears to wince as the dancers mock spear their enemy during the display Come together: The royal couple are introduced to a group who provided them with a traditional chorus in the Cultural Village.

Local culture: The Duchess talks to a woman in traditional costume while stopping to get to know villagers who came out to greet her and The Duke Craft: The Duke and Duchess chat to women during their visit to a cultural village in Honiara in the Solomon Islands.

 Interested: The Duchess bends down to chat to a local in the cultural village Joking: The Duchess shares a joke with one of the women making crafts in the cultural village

Intricate: The Duke and Duchess looked suitably impressed by the work of carvers in the Cultural Village, who were fashioning detailed models by hand.

 Pleased to meet you: Kate took time to chat with a wood carver during her daytime walkabout in the Cultural Village, after which The Duke gave a speech to 40 young people

All smiles: Traditionally-dressed local villagers were in a friendly mood during the day as they happily chatted to the Duchess of Cambridge.

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