Friday, November 11, 2011

Marc Jacobs Perfume Ad With Dakota Fanning Banned

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Marc Jacobs Perfume Ad With Dakota Fanning Banned

Unlike Beyonce's sexy TV commercial which was also banned a while back in the U.K., this banned Dakota Fanning perfume ad is a print ad in a magazine.

The Britain's advertising standards watchdog says that it seems to sexualise a child and could cause serious offence.

According to the Associated Press, four readers complained about the Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! advertisement which shows the 17-year-old actress in a short pale dress with an oversized perfume bottle that looks like a vase holding a giant red flower between her legs.

Looking younger than she is

Apparently, it's not so much about the ad being sexy as it is that she looks like she is below 16 and sexy. "We consider the ad could be seen to sexualise a child," it said. Where the bottle is positioned makes the ad sexually provocative.

The perfume maker says they have not received any complaints and the ad is targeted at readers over 25 years old. What's more, the company says that the image is not indecent although it is provocative.

Marc Jacobs chose Dakota because he says she could be a contemporary Lolita.

What do you think? Does she look too child-like for comfort in this ad?

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