Saturday, August 27, 2011

Have a Laugh in China

回收的最高境界! (Asking for 'unwanted' women for re-cycling)

婚紗的最高境界! The wedding gown ...!!!

溜狗的最高 境界! (New way of dog walking)

先買人身保險~~所小木屋内的廁所!The toilet

他們一天要 KISS多少次呢??(How many kisses a day???)

大家一起來 `~~ (Do it together)

超載的最高境界! (Another way of over capacity)

蛋糕的最高境界! (The cake for the 'ma-jong' player)

坐姿的最高境界! (Various sitting postures)

女生為啥 愛 遲到?原因在此!!(Why she was late ...!!!)

蒸饅頭的最高境界! (Steaming the buns)

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