Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anti-Phishing Guidelines

Anti-Phishing Guidelines (All Time Favourites)

Always type the URL directly on the browser software.
Never click the link from the email to a website to update your login, personal or financial information.

Protect your Free Email account even if its free but used to communicate with friends, business and login into sensitive account. Apply similiar anti-phishing rules and do not lose the password.
Always install and update your anti-virus software to prevent hijacking of your browser software.
Never let anyone know your computer password. You will never know how the keylogger software can get into your system. Poor password management, accidents or eavesdropping by the social engineers will get your PC setup for key logging.
Never open any attachment from strangers, including extensions such as PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC,XLS, etc.
Some sites will tell you how to check the URL, check the grammar, or not to believe in the email address used in the email, etc.

But if you have the time to do the above, wouldn't it be more convenient and less strenuous to simply Type in the URL of the site you wish to go?


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