Saturday, July 24, 2010

The hottest toys at Comic-Con 2010, San Diego,USA

The hottest toys at Comic-Con 2010, San Diego,USA
by Amanda Fox

Comic-Con 2010 is like - no, actually is - geektopia, and there is nothing better than the hottest toys that are debuted each year. While everyone is scrambling around trying to figure out what the hoot goodies will be for Christmas, the geeks already know. Granted they only know which toys will be hot for other geeks, but a few are very likely to have broad appeal this year so don’t be surprised if you see them on your kid’s wish list. Also don’t be surprised if they are on your older brother living in mom’s basement list as well - if he is the type of guy still arguing over whether Han or Greedo shot first.

On the high end of the cost range, a scale replica of the District 9 ARC generator is going for $500. You cannot shoot it or even power up. The directions on the package explicitly state that “Unless your genetic makeup is part prawn, you cannot power up of fire this gun.” So it is pretty useless unless you need it for Halloween, but it does look really cool. Maybe not $500 worth of cool, but it is selling as quick as it can be stocked.

Star Wars devotees are beside them self now that Owen Lars has an action figure. In case you can’t place the name, Owen was married to Baru and is Luke Skywalker’s stepfather. You know him, the moisture farmer on Tatooine that was killed by Imperial Stormtroopers so it looked like Sand People did the hit while Luke was with Obi-Wan gallivanting around. It only runs $15, but what is weird is that it comes in a 2-pack with the other figure being Darth Maul. The connection between them is…well non-existent really.

Dexter of the show “Dexter” finally got his own bobblehead. For $15 you can have a likeness of the top blood-spatter analyst around that also happens to be a ruthless killer. What makes this bobblehead cool though is that Dexter is holding the baby he served as a surrogate dad for.

Of the items that are flying off the floor at Comic-Con, the Hello Kitty Nerd Mimobot is going fast. Basically this is just a cool name for a super sweet flash drive (2GB -16GB available). Hello Kitty is the bomb, and this is wicked cute as all get out. The 2GB model is $25, the 16GB runs $80, and the rest obviously fall in between on the price scale. Every girl young and old deserves this for Christmas, it really is that cool!

For “Simpsons” fans, there is a new Mr. Burns Christmas ornament. WHILE IT WOULD BE COOL IF IT SAID “Maul him Smithers”, it doesn’t do that. What it does say however is another Burns classic, “A fruit basket does not a bonus make, you greedy bastard.” No price information is available on this, but it will be available in Hallmark stores and online very soon. The best estimate is to plan on this costing around $15 - $20.

Finally, the hottest item at Comic-Con 2010 is Tron Bearbrick. Commit that name to memory because if you are a parent you will be hearing it again real soon. This is the one item known to have sold out completely and it sold out really fast. Once “Tron: Legacy” starts picking up more steam you will not be able to find this and some have projected this will be the “it” toy this year. All it is really is a little pink plastic bear that shows a body filled with circuits. It doesn’t do anything, it just looks cool. Thankfully it is only $12, but you can bet that will change so stock up if you get a chance.

Many toys debuted at Comic-Con 2010 will never go any further than that in their life-cycle, and a few will be huge hits. These listed are worth keeping your eye on and should be widely available very soon. Get ahead of the holiday rush and find them now - geeks do set the trends.


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